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WorkSafeBC Level 2 First Aid Kit

WorkSafeBC Level 2 First Aid Kit

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A comprehensive and essential emergency response solution specifically designed to meet the requirements and standards set by WorkSafeBC (Workplace Safety and Health Regulation) in British Columbia, Canada. This kit contains a wide range of medical supplies and equipment to address a variety of injuries and emergencies that may occur in the workplace.




Bandaging and Dressing Supplies:

  • 1 Blanket Emergency Foil (84" x 52")

  • 20 Individually Packaged Sterile Gauze Dressings (10cm x 10cm)

  • 4 Sterile Pressure Dressings with Crepe Ties (10cm x 16.5cm)

  • 4 Sterile Abdominal Dressings (20cm x 25cm)

  • 2 7.5cm Conforming Gauze Bandages

  • 2 5cm x 4.5m Adhesive Tape

  • 2 7.5cm x 4.5m Tensor/Crepe Roller Bandage

  • 1 Sterile Adhesive Dressings, Assorted Sizes Box of 50

  • 1 14cm Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors

Resuscitation and Protection Supplies:

  • 1 Pocket Mask with One-Way Valve and Oxygen Inlet

  • 6 Pairs of Nitrile Medical Gloves

  • 6 Surgical Masks

  • 2 Safety Eyewear

Additional Tools and Accessories:

  • 1 Waterproof Waste Bag

  • 4 Cotton Triangular Bandages (Minimum Length of Base 1.25m)

  • 1 First Aid Kit Bag Deluxe Square Bag

  • 1 First Aid Records Book

  • 1 Zap Straps (aka Fracture Straps or Quick Straps)

  • 1 First Aid Contents Chart

  • 1 Windlass Style Tourniquet

  • 1 Half Pencil

  • 1 11.5cm Stainless Steel Silver Forceps


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